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❤ INSTOCK ❤ $3 each Colour pop Ultra Satin, Ultra Matte, Ultra Metallic (inspired) Over 30 shades to choose from! #thetemptress Shades Available 🌞DM (metallic) 🌞Light Out (metallic) 🌞Mugshot (metallic) 🌞3way (metallic) 🌞Salt (metallic) 🌞JIC (metallic) 🌞PYT (metallic) 🌞Flitter (metallic) 🌞Maneater (metallic) 🌞Zebra (metallic) 🌞Kween (metallic) 🌞Lost 🌞Tansy 🌞Prim 🌞Botanical 🌞Frick n Frack 🌞Cozy 🌞 London Fog 🌞Molly 🌞Panda 🌞Are n Be 🌞Mars 🌞Cheap Thrills 🌞Bad Habit 🌞Beeper 🌞Clueless 🌞Vice 🌞Donut 🌞Solow 🌞Zipper 🌞Creeper 🌞1st Base 🌞Trap 🌞Driven 🌞Lax 🌞Tulle 🌞Koala 🌞Lumiere2 🌞Sundae 🌞Platform 🌞Limbo 🌞My Jam 🌞Casino 🌞Catalina 🌞Tight Fit 🌞Saddle Up 🌞Fluff 🌞Thotful 🌞Masterplan 🌞A Boo 🌞Wolfie 🌞Succulent 🌞Cheat Code 🌞Tokyo Tea 🌞Vice 🌞Pacific 🌞Fairy Floss 🌞Tarot 🌞Dropout 🌞Bestie

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207D Compassvale Lane, Singapore

Mon - Fri: 8am - 9pm

Mailing or Delivery

NORMAL MAIL: $0.60-1.70 (Between 20g - 500g) AM MAIL (LETTERBOX): $2.90 (Up to 300g) SMARTPAC: $3.80 (Up to 1kg) REGISTERED MAIL: $3.94 (Up to 2kg) SELF COLLECTION STRICTLY AT 207D COMPASSVALE LANE LIFT LOBBY