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✔ Authentic from USA 📸 Photo proof could be given if needed! ✔ 100% Brand New Interested parties do PM me! You may indicate your interest in other products as well(: Products would take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive in SG and will be sent out within 3 days of arrival! (: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Product Description Our first ever fixed 12 pan palette is all about that golden hour glow - the hottest shades inspired by our fave time of the day. Full-Zip: matte warm ivory Big Cocktails: matte orange Champs: matte pale peachy nude Bling: metallic rust Louie: metallic duochrome red with a gold flip Butter Cake: metallic pale yellow gold Spoiled: matte brick red Gno: matte burnt orange Mischief: matte warm yellow Note to Self: matte warm caramel Chauffeur: metallic duochrome bright orange with a gold flip French Kiss: matte deep red brown

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