Come, Lord Jesus by Watchman Nee - Self Enrichment Book


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Come, Lord Jesus by Watchman Nee (for other titles, please check with me - there are many more books that I have not uploaded) "Come Lord Jesus" is the heart cry of the church of God after she had been given the Revelation of Jesus Christ in the last book of the Bible. Christ is coming soon! The signs of the time point to His imminent return. Are you ready for Him, your Bridegroom? This commentary on the book of Revelation by Watchman Nee is timely in helping us understand the future. It not only gives us a sequence of coming events, but more so brings us into the spirit of prophecy which is the testimony of Jesus (Rev.19.10). It reveals to us the glory of Jesus Christ. This inspires us to know Him more and to be prepared to meet Him. All who wait for His return should read this most valuable volume. Amazon Book Reviews - 1) A thorough and deep teaching on the Book of Revelation by one of the great Bible teachers - By C. Thomas Stovall if you look at my review history, it is easy to see that I believe Watchman Nee was, and continues to be, one of the most influential Bible teachers in history. Since the Book of Revelation is a vital teaching for all, it is important to consider the background and previous works of the writer/teacher. Watchman Nee demonstrates that he has prayerfully considered each verse of Revelation and examined the clues and connections that link to other scripture throughout both Old and New Testaments. He takes a measured and practical approach as he attempts to open up the mystery of this often times misunderstood a Book of the Bible. As you read, it is best to take small sections at a sitting and have a Bible close by your side. There will be many "aha" moments for you! 2) A Clear Exposition of the book of Revelation - By rarnold I first read this book many years ago and found that it is the most helpful book on the book of Revelation that I have encountered. The author goes through Revelation chapter by chapter and almost verse by verse. I would strongly recommend it to any serious student of Bible prophecy.