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KEY BENEFITS: 1. Using a vacuum suction to massage your skin gently, which can accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph, promote metabolism, improve skin elasticity and skin tone. 2. Strengthen skin’s osmosis, let the skincare product penetrate deeper into the skin, helps in a better skincare absorption. 3. Accelerate epidermis cells refresh, strengthen skin’s immunity and resistance of ultraviolet radiation, reduce epidermal pigmentation and inhibit melanin production for a flawless, mono-chromatic appearance. 4. Stimulate the growth of textile fiber metrocyte, products the massive high quality tension collagenous fiber continuously, helps the flesh tightly and willowy. 5. Improve the micro-circulation of skin, promote metabolism of melanin - controlling the melanin production We provide 6 months of warranty! Check out the video here #diamondpeel #comedosuction #blackheadremoval #beautytools #peeldevice #aprilskin #realtechnique

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