Comissioned Work #2: Code LIGHT "Platinium Millennium - The Chrome Lycan" Lykan Hypersport 1:18 and 1:32 - Part 1.


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Reborn: Prt1. 1:18 JADA based fully open bodied built on the Lykan Hyersport of W motors. 1:32 MINIAUTO closed bodied but able to open all units too built Lykan in identical chrome. Both are new brands and worthy of a masterpiece at an even affordable price in its original forms. Trust me ^_* Featuring a customised representative display base with neon lights fittings. Ride itself will be platinium chrome buff to shine, not painted. Its time consuming and a 1:1 realistic feel instead of the cheap chrome painted spray finish which looks more like plastic toy. Handbuffed will give it 100% automobile look. Color scheme: Black, Silver, White, Translucent White, Transparent, Chrome. Aka LIGHT. Price: S$500 or highest bidder wins. Duration: in the making. Est DOC end of JULY 2017 Qnty: One of a kind, non repetitive. Status: Not taken yet, awaiting for prospective owner. Might not be selling as it looks too good and alot of hardwork was put into it. Still pending ^_* Updates: 1st) Done selection of base structure and drilling of holes for insertion of Display Poles and Metal Weight Base and also the dual holes for 7x sets of white USB Leds. 2nd) Gather ideal clear translucent case. 3rd) Designed and cut out templates for Lykan "L" design x2 and "W" motors exclusive logo emblem. 4th) Dismantled all and every single parts of the JADA 1:18 Lykan. Wow, its a beauty as it is itself ^_* .... Paintstripped the bonnet and sand buffed .... works like a charm. Its even shinnier than Autoart's base metal. Wicked ^_* Haven't applied 3M compound yet and its already a good job ^_* 5th) First Built on the display base. Excellent step achieved : ) 6th) Draft buffed of the rear aerodynamic spoiler ^_* 7th) Draft buffed of the bonnet ^_* 8th) Done installation of 6 Base Leds in whites ^_* 9th) Done Display Base Final ^_* Customised but fully detachable for the clean cut look of AA alike acrylic case, with or wo the addons. 10th) Bought the 1:32 Lykan. Itself is an excellent quality built of the Lykan in GlossBlack. Gonna start paintstripping and stablizing on 2ndTier. ^_* 11th) Start works on the 1:32 it ain't half bad at all ^_* 12th) Completed handbuffed the 1:32 Chrome Lykan. 13rd) Completed 2nd Tier display ^_* with the 1:32. 14th) Final mod on display base with addons 2x side 4 axle pair of stainless steel chains act as a sling and as the name "Lykan/Lycan of the Underworld" the resemblence is uncanny ^_* ..... Buffed version of the half human half werewolf ..... the characteristic look of Lykan at front bonnet and the chains of a werewolf ..... 15th) Total dismantle of the Body of 1:18 Lykan. Great ^_* next to followup on finalworks of paintstrip and sandbuff : D Est date of completion by 29/7'17 : D 16th) Chrome shined the rear bonnet. Its a beauty. ^_* 17th) Left 2 parts before end of project. The 1:18 body frame and the front jawlike bumper to paintstrip and sandbuff before reassembling. ^_* Yes, almost done. 18th) Completed works on the Wolflike Bumper and affixed all details ..... ^_* Left only the body frame .... 19th) Tough work getting the whole body frame stripped down to bare metal flawlessly. Finally almost. ..... ^_* 20th) DettolBathing 48hrs for the frame before handbuff to shine ... ^_* 21st) Finally done stripping and snadbuffed the frame and micropaint touchup on the the minor details. WATCH OUT AND STAY TUNE TO THE FINAL ASSEMBLING ^_* THE LYKAN IS ABOUT TO BE REBIRTH. ...... And the beast is reborned on 28Fr/7'2017 @ 1:16mn ....... Fast deal at S$500. N.B. It seems too pretty to let go, come when its done and complete might jus keep it instead of sale. Depends on how the response turn out eventually ^_* Have half a heart not to let go already. Haha ^_*v we see how it goes. Tags: Diecasts Autoart Kyosho Fontiart ERTL Jada Welly Maisto Burago model cars

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