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Commission Based Salesman Needed (30 Slots Avail)


1 year ago by 247cctvprotection




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Commission Based Salesman Needed (30 Slots Avail) What are we selling? - CCTV Cameras and installation services - Wireless Network Devices - Booster and Repeater for Wifi, Commercial and Outdoor in wireless form - Solar Panels - Batteries operating CCTV - Other Accessories that links with operating the CCTV What type of CCTV Cameras we have? - Normal corner cameras - Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera (Rotatable 360°) (Resolution we carry 1.0MP, 1.3MP, 3.0MP & 5.0MP) - Fisheye Overview Camera (Resolution we carry 1.0MP, 1.3MP, 3.0MP & 5.0MP) - Outdoor Fisheye Camera (IP66) - POE Camera System (1.3MP) - Wireless NVR Camera System (1.3MP) - NVR Camera System (1.3MP) - High Speed Dome Camera System (Outdoor and for big floor areas – Zoom 20x, 30x and customisable) - Low Speed Dome Camera System (Household Usage – Zoom 10x) - Pinhole Discrete Camera (Comes in 2 types, Light Sensor and Spy) - Lightbulb CCTV Multipurpose function - Customisable CCTV Camera System What’s your job scope? - Find customers and - Confirmed installation or product deals - After sales or installation will be taken care by the company What will be given to you? - Flyers (both softcopy + hardcopy) - Promotional Videos (Links) - Product training and demo (30 minutes) - Demo CCTV Camera System given to your phone - Demo sets can be arranged (if necessary) What is the commission liked? - 10% for router, boosters, repeaters and others (from $10 ~ $60) - 15% for non-installation camera system (from $20 ~ $80) - 15% ~ 25% for installation camera system (from $45 ~ $180) FAQs 1. Who are we? A supplier, a Taobao-supplier or what? Ans: We are a manufacturer, our production line is in China, that’s why we can customised CCTV Camera system for very specific customers. 2. Do we have a shop? Ans: Yes we do have a shop in Joo Chiat 3. Where are you limited to find customer? Ans: No limitation 4. Do we provide installation? Ans: Yes, we do. There are 2 cost – Non-installation or with Installation cost 5. How long is the installation? Ans: Varies, usually 1 camera = 1 hour to 1 hour 15mins 6. If an owner install more than one camera, will the salesperson get commission for the rest of the cameras? Ans: Yes, commission is based on how many cameras sold. 7. Is there any hidden charges to the quoted cost of the camera system? Ans: No hidden charges unless customer is requiring additional work while doing the installation. 8. Is non-installation camera system any warranty? Ans: Yes, it is covered under warranty, 12 months. Additional Warranty is applicable as well. 9. Is there memory cards given to non-installation camera system? Ans: No, memory cards are given to customer’s who chose installation camera system while non-installation camera system, customers have to do a separate purchase or put a risk to use their own memory cards or hardisks.

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ugghugghall smooth. good deal and seller
hyperlevisHighly recommended seller. Seller delivered as more
2 months ago
mamat09Great seller to deal with! 2 thumbs up...!
3 months ago