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COMMONS Car Aroma Diffuser Oil from Japan (Good Quality) Twin Bottles Pack - ORANGE SWEET & GERANIUM


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Product name: COMMONS Car Aroma Diffuser Product description: 
COMMONS Car Aroma Diffuser, graceful product made by COMMONS, a well-known aroma product company in Chiba of Japan, with a collection of 100% essential oil from the worldwide. Twin Bottles Pack comes with a 10ml essential oil (2 bottles) and designated wooden cork (without air outlet perfume clamp). Aroma evaporating through natural wooden texture, brings refreshing scent to car riders. Product features: • Made in Japan. Certified 100% essential oil product. • 3 aroma fragrances for choose: Lime & Tangerine, Peppermint & Eucalyptus and Orange Sweet & Geranium. • Exclude any harmful composition, without electric power and heater, guarantee safety. • Aroma fragrance lasts for 4 to 5 weeks. Refreshing, relaxing and expelling cabin smell. • Dark essential oil bottle, leak proof, patent design. Easy to mount and suitable for various kinds of cars. CA-201 Lime & Tangerine 青檸柑橘香味 Blending essential oil: Tangerine (Mexico), Lime (Italy), Grapefruit (United States) Scent: Fresh citrus scent 香甜的鮮果果香,具淨化車廂及止暈浪神奇功效,大眾至愛 CA-202 Peppermint & Eucalyptus 薄荷尤加利香味 Blending essential oil: Peppermint (India), Spearmint (India), Eucalyptus (China) Scent: Sharp and clean scent from eucalyptus and mint, good for easing muscular aches 清爽涼快氣味,可提神、驅趕蚊蟲及舒緩肌肉酸痛,形格之選 CA-203 Orange Sweet & Geranium 香橙天竺葵香味 Blending essential oil: Orange Sweet (Australia), Bergamot (Italy), Geranium (Europe), Geranium Bourbon (Madagascar) Scent: Mild orange scent with floral scent from geranium 鮮花幽香伴以淡淡橙香,具辟除車廂異味之效,輕鬆營造舒暢車廂氣氛 Car Essential Oil Set CA-201 Expel the smell in your car with refreshing lime and tangerine aroma with this well-known essential oil from COMMONS mounted to your car. This Twin Bottles Pack includes 2 bottles of essential oil and designated wooden cork (without clamp), allowing easy and firm attachment to the air outlet and spreading the scent through natural wooden texture for a long-lasting diffusion. • Include 2 bottles of essential oil and 2 wooden corks. • Guarantee safety with all harmful composition excluded. • Fragrance lasts for 4 to 5 weeks. • Fragrance: lime and tangerine. • Made in Japan. • Certified as 100% essential oil product. • Dark essential bottle with a patent leak-proof design. • Suitable for various kinds of cars. • Volume: 10ml. Car Essential Oil Set CAC-202 An exquisite set of car aroma diffuser, this box set contains 2 bottles of essential oil and 2 pcs wooden cork. Formulated from eucalyptus and mint, this pure fragrance essential oil diffuses sharp and clean scent gently through the wooden cork which helps relieve muscular aches. Clamp it on the air vent and freshen up your vehicle for a relaxing driving environment. • An exquisite set with 2 bottles of essential oil and 2 pcs wooden corks. • Scent: peppermint and eucalyptus. • Help to relieve muscular aches. • Fit any air vent with a flexible clamp. • Aroma lasts for about 4 to 5 weeks. • Anti-leaking wooden cork with a patent design. • Essential oil is properly kept in a dark-toned bottle. • Certified as 100% pure essential oil product. • Free of harmful composition for safe use. • Made in Japan. Car Essential Oil Set CA-203 Fill your car with a lovely and refreshing scent with this blended essential oil. This car perfume carries mild orange aroma with additional floral fragrance from geranium, which relieves your mind with soothing formula. An anti-leakage wooden cork covers the content well and allows gentle diffusion through the natural texture. Coming with a flexible clamp, this can be firmly attached to any car’s vent with ease. • Aroma: sweet orange with additional geranium fragrance. • No harmful composition, electric power or heater contained. • Enduring aroma that lasts for 4 to 5 weeks. • Contained in a dark-shaded bottle. • An anti-leakage wooden cork covers the content well. • Diffuse the scent gently through natural wooden texture. • A flexible clamp that adapts to any car’s vent. • Certified as 100% pure essential. • Made in Japan.

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