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Harlow Parents & your Furkids! [Personal Profile] I have over a year of pet sitting experience, handling both cats and dogs. I have taken care of dogs from as large as Bernese Mountain Rottweiler to as small as a Chihuahua. The cats under my care are usually local mixed breeds. One of the cats handled is rescued from the street. Thus she has some behavioural issues. Extra patience & time are needed to gain her trust. I am currently volunteering at SPCA as an animal shelter helper. Also, I am currently undergoing the animal rescue training program. Many thanks for the read. Please feel free to contact me if you have any enquiry. Please be assured your pets would be well taken care of while you are away. Have a carefree trip! ++++++ [Services] SERVICES & RATES: 1 HOME VISIT PER DAY - $15 / DAY 2 HOME VISITS PER DAY - $39 / DAY 1 X DOG WALKING PER DAY - $22/ DAY (EXTRA $1 FOR 1 ADDITIONAL DOG) 1 X NIGHT STAY PER NIGHT - $49 / DAY MY PAWSHAKE ID: FAQ on the Services I provide: What does Dog Walking entail? Typically a walk that lasts more than 30 mins or over 2-3km. I will go to your place to pick the dog (or dogs++) and embark on the route (specified or random). I will wash their paws after a walk; feed them with water and food/snacks if required. Other requests can be discussed. ++There is no extra charge for additional dogs. I am able to walk more than 1 dog at a time. What is the package for Home Visit? The purpose of the home visit is to ensure your pet is well taken care of, giving you a peace of mind. This includes checking on their well-being; feeding them; clearing of their faeces and topping up their water. A Short walk of 10-20 mins, especially for dogs, is possible too. Other requests** can be discussed What is the difference between Dog Walking and Home visit? The difference lies in the purpose of each service. Dog walking takes a longer time and will have slightly higher charges than a home visit. Home visit focuses on the well-being of your pet. This includes daily checks of your pet as well as taking care of your pets' basic needs. The time it takes will usually be shorter than dog walking. What does a Night Stay encompass? I will be staying at your place overnight*. This arrangement is usually requested when your pet(s) require(s) more than 1 visit per day (e.g. morning & evening) or if you have a preference for a pet-sitter to take care of your pet overnight. Services include feeding / walking / clearing the faeces as well as the surrounding area. Other requests can be discussed. ##I have a regular day job, so I will be away during the day. Nonetheless, I will still be able to feed/walk them in the morning & evening. **Examples of other requests are bathing them; watering your plants or topping up water for your "Feng Shui" mini-waterfall. There are no additional charges usually, but supplies have to be provided by yourself. Thanks, Yixiang **ADOPT DON'T SHOP**

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