Complete DCU Animated Movies To Date Bluray Set 30 Discs Set Sale Only


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For hardcore DC fans. This is a must have. Marvel rules the cinema but DC is the king when it comes to animated movies. From my personal collection. Reason for selling: Streamlining Bluray disc only. Region A. No dvd. 30 discs total. Purchased from amazon US individually. Viewed once. In excellent superb condition. Selling only as a set and not individually. Purchased for much more. My loss is your gain. Set consists of: Batman Gotham Knight and Justice League New Frontier Double Feature - 2 Discs Superman Doomsday - 1 disc Wonder Woman - 1 disc Green Lanter First Flight - 1 disc Superman Batman Public Enemies - 1 disc Justice League Crisis on Two Earths - 1 disc Batman under the Red Hood - 1 disc Superman / Batman Apocalypse - 1 disc All Star Superman - 1 disc Green Lantern Emerald Knights - 1 disc Batman Year One - 1 disc Justice League Doom - 1 disc Superman vs the Elite - 1 disc Batman the Dark knight Returns Deluxe Edition - 2 discs Superman Unbound - 1 disc Justice League the Flashpoint Paradox - 1 disc Justice League War - 1 disc Son of Batman - 1 disc Batman Assault on Arkham - 1 disc Justice League Throne of the Atlantis - 1 disc Batman vs Robin - 1 disc Justice League Gods and Monsters - 1 disc Batman Bad Blood - 1 disc Justice League vs Teen Titans - 1 disc Batman the Killing Joke - 1 disc Justice League Dark - 1 disc Teen Titans the Judas Contract - 1 disc Superman / Shazam! The return of Black Adam - 1 disc Meet at most MRT stations or at mutually agreed upon location. Blu-ray Blueray Not marvel

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Meet at most MRT stations or at mutually agreed upon location