Computer Programming For Problem Solving (CPPS)


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Selling especially for Temasek Poly Students! The picture shows the projects I've sold previously. Only selling codes! No Flowchart & Problem Analysis ! First 3 questions is $7 each. Subsequent question is $10 each. However , I might have projects which I can sell for $30. However , it is 100% plagiarism (not 100% plagiarism with current students. But year 2/3 and graduated students files ). But you need to edit it by your own to lessen or avoid plagiarism. If you want the least amount of plagiarism or which I will try to get 0% plagiarism, the price is $51( ($7x3) + ($10x3) = $51) ) Negotiable! So no worries! (but only if you purchase 3 projects and above!) Able to do any CPPS project ! Every project I do is start from scratch , no copy & paste from previous projects I've done. I also do services for people who can't complete, or the program not working and etc.. price depends Graduated from Temasek Polytehnic already. Payment only via bank transfer 🤗 Process: You transfer me a deposit of $20/$25. Once done, I'll proceed to do the coding. Once I'm done with the coding, I'll send you screenshots (to proof the program is working ) , and then you transfer me the remaining balance. Afterwards, I will send you the files via email. Price might be expensive for some of you, but to lessen the price ,is best to take lesser question. #c++ #cpps #tp #temasek