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Conti cars for rent/Lease!! NO DEPOSIT!! (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Maserati, Bentley)


4 months ago by bryankaf






• Flexible payment modes - Yearly/Monthly/Bi-Monthly/Weekly/daily. Upfront upon collection • Low/NO Deposit!! NO Min Contract!! • Rent Back System -for clients who travel often! We pay you back for the days you won't be in town! • Tax, Insurance, Maintenance and repair included - No other Hidden Cost. • No commitment, Be Contract Free!! Save your commitment for better things in life!! • No charge for Minor Damages/Scratches - Accidents happen guys! Unlike companies who collect deposit and minus from it, We are trying a build a healthy and a mutually beneficial Relationship in hopes you boost our popularity among your friends and family. Damages may cause me few hundreds but you may bring me business in thousands thus WIN-WIN LIAO! • Relationship is more important - Open for Negotiations as long as it's reasonable it's a green light! • Cars may not be in %100 optimum condition and I won't lie about it BUT if there's something you ain't happy about,, we promise there will be %100 effort put into Rectification to make it a fruitful experience and deduct the rental for the time taken to rectify. • We have a Structured package, our units may be a little more expensive than other companies, that's because of our attractive perks and benefits. Our risks are higher. If you can show a company that beats our package for the cars, with considerations(No promises) We shall match the price! • On our side, Looking for Prompt Paymasters. EVERYTHING ELSE CAN BE DISCUSSED! So buddy pls cut commenting on this post and drop me a PM or better still - WHATSAPP ASH 97760752 - Won't hurt to say Hi!

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Drive to Malaysia, International Licence

1 years

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