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Craft Profit Secrets: Cutting Edge Marketing Techniques For Crafters eBook


9 months ago by valuegoodies








Craft Profit Secrets: The Five Steps After speaking with any craft business owner for more than a few minutes, the question “how do I sell more crafts” enters the conversation with unwavering regularity. And of course, this is not surprising. Every businessperson wants to know how to sell more. But this is more than just a question of “how do I do it?” There is often a level of frustration and sometimes even despair about it. This is a real problem that is hurting not only the bank account, but often the self-esteem of the craft businessperson. If they can think of where to advertise, they may have tried an ad or two, but can rarely make enough sales to even pay for the ad. Certainly not enough to make a decent profit. They may have heard that the Internet is like the “goldrush” of the wild west, and that if they build a website their business will skyrocket. So they do. And it doesn’t. In fact, it just becomes a mass of confusion because it’s so unclear exactly what they’re supposed to do with it. It’s just another “advertising method” they’ve tried that doesn’t work. Hence the frustration. Their craft business has reached a certain level of sales, but it just doesn’t seem possible to move beyond it. The most reliable methods of selling seem to be craft fairs, and in some cases, eBay. However, there are very real “limits” to how much you can sell this way, and the time requirement can be enormous. It’s hard to leverage your time and run a “real” business when so much of your success relies on you personally attending craft shows to sell your goods. Some crafters manage to sell wholesale or on consignment to retail stores. This is a good step, but if you ask most crafters who do this, they’ve encountered a ceiling too. There are only so many stores you can sell to in a given area. And they never promote your products quite the way you’d like them to. Sales may be regular (if you’re lucky), but they’re rarely “brisk”. What this all boils down to is that business-growth opportunities seem to be limited. In some cases, very limited. Fortunately, there is a solution...

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