Creative X7 Amp/Dac + E-mu XM7 Speakers


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In good working condition. Or sell xm7 speakers only for $300. Comes with x7, xm7 and cables. Bang olufsen shure se 215 315 425 535 846 dunu titan ttpod fischer audio iem earpods balanced armature 2000 w10 w20 w30 w40 w50 w60 jh customs fitear unique melody senheiser beats klipsch braided meelectronics iphone 6+ 6 5+ 5 ipod android phone headphone aedle audeze audio technica im50 im02 im03 im04 final audio flat cable mic foam comply eartips razer headset earphones sol republic tracks samsung apple fiio x1 x3 x5 shanling aurisonics heir audio noble dac amp dap ue 900 fostex beyerdynamic custom one pro ultrasone a-jays audiophile, dac, amp, subwoofer, amplifier creative onkyo sony bose questyle iem