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Curious what is happening to your roof?



Waterproofing and Roofing If you need professional opinions on what is happening to your roof. Call 8128 2222 Our roof is one of the most overlooked part of our house when it comes to maintenance. It's generally out of sight, our of mind. Until it leaks..... So what are the main causes for leakages? For Reinforced Concrete (RC) Roof, it's generally due to wear and tear of being exposed to the elements over the years. Concrete can crack. And the gutters can also crack or have water "ponding" inside. This will lead to water leakages over time. For metal roof like old zinc corrugated sheets. The rivets/nails holding the sheets come loose and water may enter. Or simply the flashings by the side is giving the problems. Fret not. Call now 8128 2222 We will give you our advice on what is happening your roof and how to rectify it. No obligations on your part even after we have came down to give you our assessments and quotes. What can you lose? Right. Call 8128 2222

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2019 Oct

appreciate the fast deal. fuss free transaction, great buyer to deal w!