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Custard Apple With Fruits


3 months ago by myo.myo






WhatsApp Me: 9383.2407. PLEASE CHECK ALL MY OTHER LISTINGS for Best Quality Plants With Excellent Prices :) (Take note) WITH Fruits, $30 per pot. WITHOUT fruit, we selling the most $15. They are about 1 meter to 2 meter tall. Depend on the stocks we can get on that day. Got GREEN and BLACK Custard apples, two types. Appreciation price for customers been supporting me all these years. NEARLY cost to cost selling already, huh? :) hehehe. My theory, I buy expensive, I mark up $3 to $5 for all TREES. I buy cheap, I mark up by $1.50 to $2 for all herbs :) Avocado Anggur Apple Apple Plant Apple Tree Apple Trees Basil Basils Bitter Gourd Bougainvillea Bougainvillea Plant Bougainvillea Plants Bougainvilleas Plant Beetroot Beetroots Banana Bananas Blueberry Blueberries Black Berry Black Berries Blackberry Blackberries Chilli Chilli Padi Cherry Tomato Cherry Tomatoes Curry Leaves Curryleaves Cucumber Durian Durians Finger Lime Finger Limes Fingerlimes Fingerlime Fingerslime Fingers lime Fingerlimes Flower Fruit Fruits Fruit Tree Fruit Trees Fig Figs Guava Grape Grapes Grape Vine Grape Vines Grapes Vine Grapes Vines Grape Plant Grape Plants Grape Plants Vine Grape Plant Grape Vine Plant Grapes Vines Plants Grape Vine plants Grape Vines plant Grapes Vine plant Holy Basil Holy Basils Italian Basil Italian Sweet Basil Italian Sweet Basils Jackfruit Jackfruits Kaffir Kaffir lime Kaffir limes Kyoho Grape Kyoho Grapes Red Globe Grape Red Globe Grapes Kiwi Lady's Finger Lady's Fingers Ladies's Finger Ladies's Fingers Ladies Finger Ladies Fingers Laksa Leaves Lavender Lavenders Longan Longans Lemon Lemons Lime Limes Lychee Lychees Mango Mangoes Musang Musang Durian Mulberry Mulberries Moringa Moringas Mother Grape Plant Okra Olive Orange Oranges Papaya Papayas Purple Basil Passion Fruit Passion Fruits Pandan Leave Pandan Leaves Pineapple Pineapples Pomegranate Pomegranates Potted plants Potted Plant Plants Plant Rock Melon Ruta Rose Roses Rosemary Sunflower Sunflower Sweet Basil Sweet Basils Star Fruits Star Fruit Starfruits Starfruit Soursop Soursops Strawberries Strawberry Succulent Succulents Tuisi Basil Tuisi Basils Thai Basil Thai Basils Thailand Basil Thailand Basils Thyme Thymes Tomato Tomatoes Vine Vines Veggies Vegetables Watermelon

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wslamat63Great experience very reasonable even give me more
3 weeks ago
wslamat63Very honest guys when conversant about his more
3 weeks ago
wslamat63Today i buy 4 pots of plant one of it is lime more
3 weeks ago
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