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** bags are not for sale, these are sample works only Custom A Detote work includes the following : 1) remove the 2 original bag straps, close up the unstitched parts 2) sew 1 original strap into short adjustable strap (38-63cm) - silver, gold or matt blackware 4) fit bag with d rings - silver, gold, shiny black 5) thread color used would be as close to original bag stitching but there may be some differences. Please make sure your bag is removed of all valuable items and food remains Bag can either be dropped off at my place in the east or mailed to me. Please provide a return stamped envelope or smartpac if not, top up for return mail during payment. Not liable for lost mail, so please decide your own mode of mail carefully. Tag: custom, Detote, belight, superbe, Jujube, legacy, tokidoki, dss, ukk2, sea punk, super toki, hello Sanrio, hello kitty

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