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I trained in aromatherapy in Germany and I use top quality essential oils from Primevera of Germany. I can custom blend facial oil serum for day or night, for different age groups from 20s to 70s and for different skin types (normal, oily, dry, dehydrated or aging) These are organic, all natural and chemical free. Perfect for sensitive skin and anyone who wants to care for their skin in a natural, gentle way. Just 6 drops in the morning and in the evening massaged into your skin and you will see the difference! The serum will be provided in a bottle with a dropper. The bottle is break resistent so you can travel with it 10ml $60 15ml $90 20ml $120 with free jade roller (helps absorption of the serum into the skin) 5ml travel size available at $30 with any purchase. If you would like a custom blended facial serum, please let me know your skin type and age group and I will be happy to tailor something for you. Also available : eye serum made with essential oils for dark circles and lines. 10ml with eye roller for $70

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