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All my 天珠dzi contains many 朱砂red spot on it and are new If you want any bracelet with 天珠dzi,you can pm me for other bracelet that have different 天珠dzi Price varies to the type ot 天珠dzi bead Nine eyes of the beads, the main origin in Tibet, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Lakra and other Himalayas, outside the Mongolia also found that a few is a rare gem. Nine eyes of the Buddha is the legend of Tibet. For the best in the top of the pill, can be exempt from all evil, compassionate growth, authority prominent, great benefits.In the tianzhu repair law merit, nine eyes contain all the totem of the symbol and mood, the Dharma practice in the final situation, nine products Lianhua metaplasia. "Nine" is also symbolic unpredictable, can not go beyond, infinite broad realm.Nine eyes of the beads for the top of the pill, the most distinguished, the Tibetan people attach great importance to nine eyes of the beads. Nine eyes of the beads for the nine stone shale, containing jade and agate ingredients, one for the Tibetan secret, history books recorded as "nine eyes of the beads."Tibetans still think that Dzi is a stone. 九眼天珠 九眼天珠,主要产地在西藏、藏东、不丹、锡金、拉答克等喜马拉雅山域,外蒙也有发现为数不多是一种稀有宝石。九眼天珠是西藏传说中的圣物。为天珠中最上品、能免除一切灾厄,慈悲增长,权威显赫,利益极大。在天珠修法功德中,九眼包含所有图腾的象征与意境,佛法修行中最后境地,九品莲华化生。“九”也象征不可预知、无法超越、无限宽广之境界。九眼天珠为天珠中最上品、最尊贵者,藏人极为重视九眼天珠。九眼天珠为九眼石页岩,含有玉质及玛瑙成份,为藏密七宝之一,史书记载为“九眼天珠”。藏人至今仍认为天珠是天降石。 Tigers eye enhances the power of will and brings prosperity, very often in the most direct way - in form of material values. It can help in seeing things as they really are, without any illusions. Of the seven chakras, tigers eye is especially fitted to strengthening the solar plexus chakra, so that the sense of personal ability and power is maintained and shifted toward higher level.

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