Custom Shine through Keycaps Dota 2 and more


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Selling off as a set only. Includes: R4 Profile Keycaps Dota 2 x1 Evil Geniuses EG x1 Shadow Fiend x1 Juggernaut x1 Steelseries x1 Razer x1 Cat keyboard x1 OSU! x1 FMA Alchemy sign x1 Anti-war x1 Cherry x1 Batman x1 Reddit x1 Steam x1 Backspace Valve x1 Arrow Keycaps Playstation ⚫️◾️✖️🔺set x1 R4 refers to the first 2 rows of your keyboard, meaning "ESC row" and " ~ row". Any of these keys (except "Backspace") is compatible with the R4 keycaps. All these are shine through led and can be used for your gaming keyboards like Razer, Corsair, Logitech etc. Note that the color of these keycaps depend on the COLOR OF YOUR LED. If your keyboard is full white led, all these will appear white. If it is blue led, they will appear blue. I will include a set of rubber led covers, used to cover the led bulb, for those with white led keyboars, so that you can choose the color for some of your keys. Those with RGB keyboars will not have this problem. I have washed them so fret not they will be clean and in excellent condition. I have clearly indicated and will repeat that I am selling this as A SET so do not blame me if I ignore stupid questions. Same treatment will apply for lowballers. Meetups at Yishun or Bishan mrt only. If you made it to the end of this post, I thank you for reading it all the way. Cheers!

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Yishun MRT only