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Fully Customise paint service for toy gun 😊 ***What you see in the picture is plastic toy gun*** *Boring of your original colour toy gun*? This is where custom paint comes in ^^ After custom paint you might hug your baby toy to sleep or even scare to scratch it accidentally 😊 **Every custom paint is special and unique** -Camouflage Paint (Normal/Weathered) 'Forest (Colour to be Choose by you/me) 'Desert (Colour to be Choose by you/me) 'Sea (Colour to be Choose by you/me) 'Dusty (Colour to be Choose by you/me) -Custom Paint 'design by yourself or me 'Tell me the colour you love *🤣YOU NAME IT I PAINT IT 🤣* *No water ink paint* My job is just to paint the toy gun . It's my Hobby . I will not be blame for the consequences of the aftermath . DO NOT SHOWN OR BRING AROUND IN PUBLIC PLACES AFTER PAINTED . ALTHOUGH ITS A TOY GUN . ALWAY ENSURE TO PUT IT SAFE IN A BAG . I'm sorry to inform you that appointment have to be made for custom paint as I need time to paint All painted toys will be a masterpiece Special and Unique ❤️ ****servicing and maintainence**** Step 1 properly clean exterior (picture taken) Step 2 Fully dismantled (picture taken) Step 3 properly clean interior (picture taken) Step 4 oil apply to bearing , nut , spring , screw (picture taken) Step 5 grease apply to motor , gear , spring , barrel (picture taken) Step 6 fully assemble (picture taken) Feel the different :) Thanks for viewing :D have a great day 😊 **Opening soon** **PROMOTION PERIOD** Price range $13 - $32 Pm for more enquiry ☺️ #nerf gun #kids toy gun #no bb #no airsoft