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Cylion Bike Tire Polish & Protectant / Tyre cleaner / Cleaning Agent / Degreaser and Cleaning


7 months ago by warehousesg_woodlands








CYLION Bike Tire Polish & Protectant is a rubber nourishing agent for bicycle tires which penetrates deep into the inner molecular structure of rubber. It provides a brilliant shine plus long term protection on the surface of a bicycle tire. It slows down the degenerating process to prevent drying and cracking. And most importantly, it contains no abrasives and 100% safe for all plastics, rubbers and carbon fiber parts. It can also be used in motorcycle and passenger car tires. [Advantage]: 1、TIRE SURFACE PROTECTION; Using silicone polymers, a shiny protective layer is formed on the tire surface to make it shine like new while protecting it from harmful UV rays. CYLION Bike Tire Polish & Protectant is also suitable for bicycle handles and other rubber or plastic parts. 2、NEW ECO-FRIENDLY FORMULA; Contains green lemon extracts for a fresh clean scent .Neutral chemical composition is harmless to skin.Excess waste liquid will naturally break down and leave no contaminants in the environment. [How to Use]: 1.Wash tire with water to remove dirt and grit.Let dry for about 20 minutes. 2.Turn the nozzle cap to adjust the spray size.Shake well before use. 3.Spray onto the tire at an optimum distance of 15 cm. A brush or sponge may also be used to help spread protectant evenly. Let dry.

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