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cylion cleaning agents for bicycle chain/ Scooter/Bicycle/ Cleaning/ Ecoot


7 months ago by warehousesg_woodlands








cylion cleaning agents for bicycle chain Cylion Cleaning Agents For Bicycle Chain II is an upgraded version, adopts German precious metals clean technology, emulsification principle, no adverse reactions to any bicycle chain. PH value 7 neutral not to hurt the hand.Product special attention to the protection of the chain’s original grease, extend and upgrade the technology by the defense industry chain cleaning protection of armored vehicles from Germany imported materials to solve this critical problem. Compared with the first version ,it is more moderate nature, it is better to wet wash the chain befor use, emulsificat off the dirty, until the oil spill emulsified, rinse with water. Then wiped away, the last lubricant the chain to antirust and maintenance. It adopts the international advanced formulations, phosphate-free, does not pollute, and only need a small amount can be washed off stubborn grease, decontamination effect is ten times that of traditional cleaners, and the neutral environmental protection does not corrode the skin. In order to protect the chain grease, import environmentally friendly raw materials. The experiment proved that the cleaning agents can quickly clean and effective protection of the chain. Available at Woodlands & Ubi Outlet ! ✍PM us if you have any questions. 🔎Where to find us? 🗺️ 21 Woodlands close #0-15 Primz Bizhub S737854 81 UBI Ave 4 #01-29 UB. ONE, S408830 🌐 ☎️ 98337339 (Woodlands) Denis 87870735 (Ubi) William 🕙 Office Hours: Weekdays 12-8pm ,Weekends 12-6pm, PH OFF 💁 Who are we? WAREHOUSE SG is a sub-organisation founded by our main company REAIHUB in 2014. We specialize in electronic scooters, including servicing and maintaining them. We allow trade-in here. We strive to provide the best in all aspects.

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