D1 spec big 4pot brake kit system - LEXUS IS250 AUTO LUXURY


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LEXUS IS250 AUTO LUXURY D1 specRS series Brake system Big 4 pot RS series Brake system with 330mm slotted disc rotors -Big 4 pot Caliper Materials : 6066 T6 -Shape procedure : 3D CNC machining two piece forged -Caliper coating : RED -temperatures Rotor Materials : FC30 HB165~175 -Car Application : Universal applicable to 300 more models -Rim Size fitness : 16"~18" -STOP POWER : enhanced 35~50% www.fongkim.com.sg https://www.facebook.com/D1specSG/ Available at Fong Kim exhaust system call us for appointment +656844 4281 or +6584991570 now!! D1 SPEC - 台灣總公司C #D1spec, #, #BBK, #brakekit, #performance