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Product Description If you could profile anyone, anywhere, anytime . . . What you you do with that insight? Dan Korem, a critically acclaimed investigative journalist, developed the landmark Korem Profiling System® for rapid-fire profiling people on the spot after just a few minutes of interaction and in many cases, without asking any questions. In fact, you can profile people whom you have never met even if you can t speak their language. You learn to do this by answering four simple and direct questions in your mind about someone. Once answered, you can access a comprehensive profile that includes: - Strengths & Shortcomings - How to Sell/Present - How to Confront/Disagree - How to Lead/Motivate - Interaction Suggestions Since the release of this classic text in 1997, people around the world from all walks of life have used the Korem Profiling System® in their professional and personal lives to: Recruit and hire; Lead teams; Negotiate; Sell and present; Recruit and coach athletes; Sharpen communication skills; Teach and educate; Consult with clients; Reduce conflict Detect deception; Build relationships; Nurture and discipline children Dozens of practical examples using the rapid-fire Korem Profiling System® are provided throughout this greatly expanded and updated 2nd edition, which also includes: - Four new profiles - The Cautious Innovator profile, world's fastest growing identified by Korem - How to profile people cross-culturally without stereotyping, invaluable for travel abroad or working with diverse cultures - Two new powerful safety checks to immediately correct inaccurate reads on the fly - How to identify the Random Actor profile, the profile of most mass school attackers, suicide terrorists, and workplace killers and how to use intervention strategies that have saved countless lives The lessons in <i>The Art of Profiling are clear and direct and by investing just a few of hours a week your profiling skills will significantly improve. The Art of Profiling is the companion to Dan Korem's new book, Snapshot, which contains scores of additional ways to use snapshot reads using the Korem Profiling System®. "A rare find . . . A masterful text . . . The Korem Profiling System® will separate you from the masses when it comes to reading people right the first time." From the FOREWARD by James T. Reese, Ph.D., former member FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit Review I commanded the 2nd Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group and the Kabul Multi-National Brigade in Kabul, Afghanistan from July 2003 to January 2004. I interacted with national and tactical commanders on a regular basis, Afghan authorities, religious leaders, nomads and more. The job of a leader is to influence people for mission success and The Art of Profiling assisted me in successfully accomplishing my mission. Thanks. --Lt. Brig. Gen. Peter Devlin, Former Deputy Commander, Fort Hood The Korem Profiling System doesn't just help you in the game of life, it is the game. --Shawn Humphries, Golf Magazine Top-100 teacher and regular contributor

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