Daughter of Destiny: Kathryn Kuhlman by Jamie Buckingham - Self Enrichment Book


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Daughter of Destiny: Kathryn Kuhlman by Jamie Buckingham Description: In the 50 years of her ministry, Kathryn Kuhlman may have personally witnessed to her Lord's love and power before 50,000,000 people! For many years she conducted an average of 135 Miracle Services a year. And wherever she held her services, people who once thought miracles impossible, learned to believe in miracles. Before she died, Kathryn Kuhlman asked that only Jamie Buckingham be allowed to write her official biography, withholding nothing. Here is the story of her life, with all her successes and all her failures. It is not the story of a plaster saint, but of a very human woman ― of marriage and divorce, a betrayal within her own staff, of the shadowy events that surrounded her death. It is the story of Kathryn Kuhlman that few knew, as she wanted it told ― all of it. It is the story of the redhead from Missouri who became the foremost woman evangelist of the 20th century. Amazon Book Reviews - 1) Refreshingly honest look at the life of Kathryn Kuhlman - By waycross48 This book offers an honest look at the life of Kathryn Kuhlman. I found it to be truthful. While it does offer the truth, it is NOT filled with the tabloid hype that many of the books written about her seem to be filled with. Miss Kuhlman comes across as a very caring woman who only wants to minister to those who are ill. I know several people who worked for her and they said the same thing - she would cry and ask God why some were healed and others not. She often blamed herself - did she not pray enough, was her life not what God wanted, was it her fault. I also came to understand why she had her "team" surrounding her while she ministered to those who were ill. So many people felt that if they could just "touch" her, God would heal them. She said it over and over again, that SHE was not the healer - THAT ONLY GOD CAN HEAL, so she tried to keep people from touching her for that reason. She wanted people to look to God for their healing = NOT TO KATHRYN KUHLMAN. A VERY GOOD READ. 2) The Holy Spirit lived in her - By anonymous I liked this book not for its perfection of grammar or beauty of language. I liked this book not because it's the best biography ever written, but because nestled in its pages I found a wonderful glimpse of one of the greatest testimonies of the work of God ever. This book presented Kathryn Kuhlman as she was. An imperfect but wholly dedicated vessel who was willing to allow God to use her imperfections and her strengths to do His work. It drew me into the experience of living her life as she lived in and unlike many biographies presented a balanced view of her in a way that authenticates her ministry. Encouraging. Challenging. Fast paced. Realistic. Inspirational. Definitely worth a read.