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Following the destruction of METROPOLISTM in Man of SteelTM, SUPERMANTM has become widely known—but not necessarily regarded as a hero by everyone. While debate rages over whether his powers and actions make him a "saviour" or a "false god," SUPERMANTM must accept that his alien identity as Kal-El of Krypton, as well as his self-imposed responsibilities toward humankind, make it difficult to gain the acceptance he craves from his adoptive planet. Your coin features the application of vibrant colour over engraving in its depiction of SUPERMANTM, who is seen here in a pose that conveys his incredible strength and power. In the background, carefully positioned polygon shapes are contrasted through the use of frosted finishes in order to create a stunning "shattered glass" effect; this visual element is highly symbolic, for it represents the "shattering" of what was established in Man of SteelTM and the challenges that lie ahead after SUPERMANTM has revealed himself to the world. Wearing a variation of his Man of SteelTM costume, SUPERMANTM turns his gaze to the sky while keeping his fists clenched in a show of steely resolve; the iconic red and yellow S-shield stands out from his blue costume, while the right-of-centre positioning of SUPERMANTM allows for his red cape to billow majestically with each step. Above his cape is the engraved identifier "SUPERMAN" in the Kryptonian syllabic writing system.

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