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This beautiful 2 oz Proof Silver coin, made for the 30th anniversary of The Dark Knight Returns, is based off Frank Miller's favorite Batman illustration. The coin pulls together all elements that made Miller's gothic vision such industry-changing work. Frank Miller is an iconic American comic book writer, novelist, producer, and director known for his long list of successful comic book stories including The Dark Knight Returns. This beautiful piece of art is said to be one of Frank Miller's personal favorites. The gothic vision shown in this coin changed the entire comic book industry! The savage violence, the unparalleled use of strobe-like, high contrast graphics, the relentless "shock and awe" attack of the Gotham Guardian's campaign-all of these elements are in this coin. "It took me years to define, in my own mind, Batman as less a creature of vengeance than of vigor. This piece is one of my personal favorites. To me, it sums the man up." -Frank Miller.

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