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Debunga Cream is enrinched with organic debunga (bees pollen) essence. Bees pollen are rich in vitamins A, C, D and E. It contains 22 amino acids, 27 Minerals salts, carbohydrates, enzymes and over 5,000 hormones. A mosturiser & treats problem skins like ▶acne pimples ▶freckles ▶face scars 100% organic from natural essence & argan. The effectiveness on consistensy: ➡Pores minimizer. Will close open pores. ➡Giving you smooth, elasticity, firm & flawless skin. ➡Whitening & glowing skin. ➡Sweet-smelling. ➡Can be use both morning & night. ➡Can be apply with other skincare products. ➡Not sticky & fast absorbency. ➡Solat-friendly Weight: 10gram (can last up to 1-2months) Results as early as 7days!!! Effectiveness on minimize pores. Gives makeup a smooth finishing... 😍 Paraben,hidro & chemical free! 😇