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Very pretty antique Paragon tea trio from the early 1900s, with delicately hand-coloured rose garland patterns. Condition: very good condition, considering that the set is more than 100 years old. All pieces are without chips, cracks or crazing, with only minor wear to the gilding. Some wear to the surface of the tea plate. The set dates to early 1900s and is 100+ years old. Pieces of this age tend to have imperfection, from old-time manufacturing, history and past use. If you are looking for perfection and pristine condition, please do not buy this set. $5 by registered mail. By mail only. All items in our shop are used vintage that often come with minor imperfections, results of old time manufacturing and wear from past use. They are not suited for buyers looking for perfection. If you expect perfection, please buy brand new.

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$5 by registered mail. By mail only