Dell XPS 15 9560 4K 512GB GTX 1050 i7 FULLY SPECCED


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Selling my TOP OF THE LINE and FULLY SPECCED XPS 15. Bought it 2 months ago at the end of May. I love this laptop, and I intended to keep it for a long time, which is why I bought so many accessories and protection for it. Unfortunately, it is too powerful for my needs, and I need a slightly lighter laptop. Information 1. Fully specced, 4K touchscreen, 512GB SSD, i7-7700HQ, GTX 1050 ~ $3117.9 2. Added on Fingerprint scanner option ~ $18.19 3. Bought additional 2 years PREMIUM warranty, which means total warranty is 3 years (until May 2020). Premium warranty covers accidental damage so no need to worry if you accidentally spill water ~ $269.64 4. Dbrand Skinned (absolutely gorgeous Hyperblack Titanium) on Day 1, on all areas top, bottom and even trackpad, with dell cut out logo. See pictures ~ $80 5. Special screen protector applied that prevents scratches and filters harmful blue light rays on Day 1 ~ $30 6. Soft Silicone Keyboard Protector ~ $ 20 Total cost adds up to about 3530. Letting go at 3350 fixed. Honestly the laptop is in super mint condition, to the extent that I haven't even taken of the protective stickers on the charger. PM me only if you are willing to meet my price. Thanks. #gaming #laptop #dbrand #computers #gtx #1050 #i7 #macbook #pro #asus #dell #alienware

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