[Deluxe Package] Foldable BBQ Grill + accessories | Complete BBQ Pack


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Brand New! Free delivery in SG Whats Included: 1 X Foldable large BBQ grill body 2 X Charcoal grid 2 X Stainless steel grid 1 X Premium Non-stick Grill Pan 2 X Marinating Plates 2 x BBQ Brush Mop 1 X BBQ Tongs 12 X Stainless Steel BBQ Skewers 1 X U Tongs 1 X BBQ Scissor Tongs 1 X Bag of Wooden Sticks 1 x Aluminium Foil 1 x BBQ Fork 40 X Gloves total value: $150 Get the deluxe package to save on worrying about additional tools you may need for a good BBQ. How to order? - Leave your contact number and delivery address in PM (private message), we will contact you to arrange delivery - Secure transaction - payment by cash upon delivery FEATURES -------------------------- 1. Extra Large BBQ Surface Large grilling surface makes it suitable for large groups of up to 10 people. Note: marinating pan on the sides are not included in base package. Designed at the right height so you can use it comfortably 2. Foldable and Portable What makes this BBQ Grill unique is its foldable design for easy storage and carrying. 3. Sturdy Stainless Steel Body Premium build quality enables the Large BBQ Grill to withstand up to 60kg weight. Stainless steel body prevents rusting and stains after repeated use. 4. Charcoal-Friendly Design Charcoal grid within the BBQ grill insulates the heat from main body of the grill. This increases the lifespan of the grill and faciliates heating and ventilation, making burning easier. 5. Enjoy Authentic BBQ BBQ food has never tasted better than when cooked with charcoal and a reliable BBQ grill. Enjoy BBQ food with your family and friends outdoors.