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TV Product Teeth whitening Kit Whitelight White Light Whitener System As Seen On TV Whitens in just 10 minutes! Simple to use Easy to maintain Item Description WhiteLight is an amazing new system that incorporates light technology to whiten your teeth almost immediatly. The unique, WhiteLight™ system is designed to be used at home and is very easy to use. The advanced light combined with the specially formulated whitener gel, rapidly removes surface stains and penetrates deep to remove embedded stains. So, if you want a whiter smile right now, for a special event, or simply want a fast way to whiten your teeth —the WhiteLight™ system will give you the immediate results you’ve been searching for! Perfect for use before weddings & other big days! Save high expense to dental clinic! Your smile should be White & Bright! Note: As the Post Office announced that all items comes with batteries shipping by air are now subject to x-ray screening for regulated materials, so we remove the batteries or reverse the positive and negative poles to avoid it turn on automatically in processing of x-ray screening. it won't effect you use it, you just need to install the batteries properly. Thanks for understanding!! Packet included: 1 x Light Transmitter 2 x Teeth Whitening Gel 1 x Advanced Dental Tray 2 x Lithium CR2025 Batteries 1 x English Manual

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