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1 x DIAFORCE Hydro-Gel Eye Patch GOLD (60pcs) Best Hit in Korea Japan - 150,000 boxes were sold in less than three months Helps in elimination of wrinkles and dark circles around eyes Solving the annoying problem of somber eyes and rim wrinkles The Gold and diamond ingredients provides bright clear and elastic skin Improves glow, nutrition, moisture elasticity to eye area 🐎🐎贵妇眼膜一盒60片(30对),🍀排毒功效提升~5倍,💋有很强的去黑眼圈和小细纹的功效🌸,是现代OL的最爱。👯藤原纪香和杂志超强推荐😜。不光是贴双眼,💎法令纹,🍀八角纹,💋连下巴暗淡都可以用。💦密着力很强,😝水分多,是胶原体,在敷的过程中慢慢变薄一点,敷20分钟-40分钟,也可以贴着睡觉。

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