Digital Tens Electro Massage and Pulse Stimulator (Includes 8 Electrode Pads And Additional 4 Head Cable!)


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Digital Tens Electro Massager and Slimming Stimulater (Includes 8 Electrode Pads And Additional 4 Head Cable!) - User friendly. Good for first time users. - Use it directly on your aching spot or on targeted acupuncture point! (Use acupuncture mode) - Place in on your tummy, underarms and thighs to get rid of excess fats, cellulite and for muscle toning ! Same technology used in slimming salons! 💎Reduces and remove muscle aches like neck, shoulder, lower back, knee pain due to sport injuries or work. 💎Relaxes stiff muscle fast! 💎Improves blood circulation at affected areas to enhance recovery. 💎15 strength level. Can be mild for beginners and strong for an intense massage. 💎Tones underarms, thighs and tummy by stimulating the muscles rapidly using the electro impulses' pulsating movement. Feel it for yourself! 💎Use this while at home, in the office or while travelling! 💎Includes 3 AAA batteries, travel adapter and USB cable. 💎💎Includes 8 electrode pads! (Other sellers only provides 2 or 4 pads) 💎💎Includes 2 cables (2 and 4 adhering tips) 💎💎User Manual (English) 💎BRAND NEW in box! (For people with massage chairs, this device is able to target areas that are hard to reach for a chair, like our calves, fingers, knees, top of the shoulder, shoulder blades, the very lowest part of the back etc.) Tags: ten bobochacha machine electric therapy