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✔️Toys for your pet hamster/mouse. ❗️Brand new! BNIB. ❗️Unused! Perfect! ❗️Material: Wood 🔥Measurements for coloured swing - 12cm x 8.5cm x 10cm. 🔥Measurements for wooden house - 11cm x 10cm x 9cm. 🔥Measurements for flat see saw - 19cm x 6.8cm (suitable for Syrian Hamsters). 🔥Measurements for square see saw - 10cm x 8.5cm x 9cm. 🔥Measurements for coloured square see saw - 17cm x 5cm x 6.5cm. ❗️1 for $8, 2 for $16, 3 for $18. 📍Price includes delivery. Pls see delivery/meet up details for more information 😊 #hamster #mouse #pet #syrian

Deal Options



Meet ups are possible but subject to my availability. Weekdays/weekends after 8pm at Kovan MRT, Bt Panjang Plaza or Fajar Shopping Centre.

Mailing or Delivery

Price is inclusive of mail or delivery. Transfer of funds to be completed first before mail or delivery. Thank you for your understanding.