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Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare Service


1 month ago by chickenuggetz








going for a hol and worry abt the welfare of your doggo? worry no more as I'm here to entertain ur doggo ☀️ here's a breakdown of my services : 🐾 2 daily walks ( once in morn & once in the evening ) ( can request for more or less ) 🐾 baths ( if requested for >5d ) 🐾 meal times & treats ( as often as u request ur doggo to be fed ) 🐾 24/7 supervision ( at no point will ur doggo be left alone at home ) 🐾 fur combing daily 🐾 photos, boomerangs and videos 🐾 2 way trip ( from ur home to mine, and from my home to urs ) 🐾 showers of love and affection from my whole family 🥰 additional services that can be done if requested : 🐾 bringing ur doggo to a dog park 🐾 bringing ur doggo to a dog cafe 🐾 bringing ur doggo to visit my friend's dog ( a miniature poodle, if permission is granted from u ) 🐾 bringing ur doggo to the beach 🐾 teeth brushing I'm an 18 year old JC graduate & resides in an executive apartment in pasir ris ( so u can gauge how much space ur doggo will be getting ), specifically next to pasir ris park!! so all walks will be done in pasir ris park 🐶 unfortunately I do not own a dog however has experience taking care of my neighbour's dog in the past!! both my parents also grew up with dogs so they are definitely very experienced 😊 as I love taking photos, boomerangs and videos, do let me know if u do not want to be spammed 😅 do note that ur dog will be roaming freely in my house unless caging is requested ( please bring along ur own cage ) please provide all the items including toys, food, treats, leash, food/water bowls, bed, pee pads (1-2/day), bathing items (if applicable) etc as I wldnt know what brand ur doggo will be comfortable with ☺️ any special requests eg to reinforce some commandments u've taught can be done, just lmk! to ensure safety of ur doggo, pls ensure that ur dog's vaccination is up to date as well as ensure that your dog is flea and tick free. unfortunately, aggressive dogs and dogs that are not potty trained will not be accommodated 🌼 rates 🌼 small breeds ( <5 kg ) : $25/day medium breeds ( 6-11kg ) : $30/day large breeds (12 - 20 kg ) : $40/day do note that there will be an additional $25 charge for transportation of ur doggo ( 2 way ) 🐶 additional services will be chargeable do pm for rates if ure agreeable, pls provide the the details below : 🐾 furkid's name 🐾 gender 🐾 breed 🐾 age 🐾 sterilized or not 🐾 vaccinations updates 🐾 special needs/ health conditions 🐾 any allergies 🐾 any special requests 🐾 any additional services 🌼rates for daycare🌼 small breeds ( <5 kg ) : $20/day medium breeds ( 6-11kg ) : $25/day large breeds (12 - 20 kg ) : $35/day thanks you for reading 🌻 for any enquires do feel free to pm me 🌈 all slots are subject to availability

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mellowwoesFriendly and accommodating seller! Thanks for the more
6 months ago
cashmerekittyItem in v good condition :) dealer was really more
pastelmoon_Fast Mailing 💕👍 Patience 😲👍👍👍👍👍 Super more