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Dog Grooming & Boarding 🐾


Woodlands Glen





Grooming Prices at an affordable rate depending on the style of cut. Spa / Teeth Scaling / Other services would be available as well. Spa Treatment: 1. Beauty Treatment Spa 1. Gives a finished Shiny Coat and Volume on the Coat 2. Prevent tangles for long / curly fur dogs 2. Doctor Treatment Spa 1. For dogs who have pesky odor + Oily Skin / Rough Skin would be highly recommended. 2. Insect Repellent Effect that last up to 2 weeks. Fluffiness lasts for 2 weeks or more if well maintained. Other Ala-Carte Services: - Bath & Dry - Tooth Brushing - Clipping & Filing of Nails - Ear fur plucking + Ear Cleaning - Shaving of Paw-pads / Sanitary Areas - Basic Grooming + Head Trimming / Muzzle Trimming Dog Boarding Need a caretaker for your furkid(s) during your vacation / work trip / urgent matters? We are here to solve your problems! During the period of stay, your furkid(s) get: 1. Walks 2. Daily Photo Updates 3. Air conditioned sleep at night 4. Shower & Dry on the last day of stay 5. Meals (with additional rate) Should your furkid(s) require basic grooming / full grooming, do let us know after the confirmation of the stay so that we can arrange a day to groom them. We do not encourage caging up dogs so they are free to roam around the house. Also, we only take in maximum of 3 dogs per night so that we are able to give sufficient amount of care and time for each of them. Do note to ensure that your furkid(s) is/are fully vaccinated, tick free and sociable / friendly towards other dogs / strangers. (For safety purposes) Transportation will not be provided unless required. Rates will be further discussed depending on the distance. For interested Pawrent(s) you may contact us at ‘97263647’

6 months ago In Health & Grooming

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2019 May

Groomer was very professional and efficient. She has lots a patience and passion. I'm very satisfied with her service provided. I would highly recommend their services !! 😃