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Available in 3 shades: 01 Cotton Candy 02 Lollipop 03 Cherrie Blossom ➡️BB Cushion that allows to covers imperfections, large porea and acne scars effectively by softly applying on the face. ➡️Complete protection from UV Rays with SPF 35 against sunlight. ➡️Have air pocket that allows the liquid from BB Cushion becomes more evenly texturised to the skin. ➡️Makes makeup look more natural, fairer and flawless. ➡️Smooth, even, perfect complexion without having to look uneven tone for daily makeup. ➡️Long Lasting application and water proof as well as prevents makeup from sliding for those with oily skin and easily sweat. ➡️Does not contain paraben. ➡️Suitable for all skin types 5-in-1 benefit as it brightens, moisturises and make the skin glow without leaving any oily skin effect, naturally whitens skin with perfect complexion.

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Self Collect at Woodlands

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A) Free Normal Mail B) Delivery by AM Mail (Letterbox / Doorstep) : Additional $3.00 C) Delivery by SmartPac (Mini / Envelope / Box) : Additional $4.00 D) Delivery by Registered Mail : Additional $8.00 E) Delivery by Courier Service : Additional $10.00