Dota 2 The International 2017 Collector's Cache Sets


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Dota 2 TI7 Collector's Cache Payment via ibanking or csgo keys (1:$3) only Payment must be made to reserve item. Note that if you are not already friends with me on steam, there will be a 30-day gift restriction (provided you have steam mobile guard, otherwise it's 365 days). This means that you have to wait 30 days after payment to receive your item. More information on gift restriction here: All sets are non-marketable and giftable only once Only 2 of each set in stock, grab yours whilst stocks last Secrets of the Katekhein (Winter Wyvern) $3 Rumrunner's Carronade (Brewmaster) $3 Corruption of the Virulent Krait (Venomancer) $3 Spoils of the Vodou Rover (Witch Doctor) $3 Samareen Sacrifice (Huskar) $3 Shadowforce Gale (Luna) $3 Mechalodon Interdictor (Gyrocopter) $3 Chitinous Stalker (Nyx Assassin) $3 Jolly Reaver (Pudge) $3 Riptide Raider (Monkey King) $3 The Dread Prophet (Nature's Prophet) $5 Seablight Procession (Undying) $5 Pressure Regulator (Clockwerk) $5 Eternal Testament (Death Prophet) $5 Abyssal Vortex (Enigma) $5 Sovereign of the Kray Legions (Sand King) $5 Cunning Corsair (Riki) $5 Meranth Dragoon (Sven) $8 Covenant of the Depths (Invoker) $8 Seaborne Reprisal (Kunkka) $10 SOLD OUT Rare: Submerged Hazard (Tinker) $20