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Dr B’s BARF Genuine Aussie R.A.W. Combination for Dogs NO GRAINS - NO FILLERS - NO BY – PRODUCTS - NO ADDED SUGAR - NO ADDED SALT -NO FILLERS - NO CHEMICALS - NO ARTIFICIAL COLORING'S - NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES - NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORINGS - NO GRAINS - NO HEAT PROCESSING Dr B's BARF patties contain only: HORMONE-FREE MEATS NATURAL ORGANIC NUTRIENTS HUMAN-GRADE QUALITY INGREDIENTS So Convenient – Just Thaw & Feed! Beaten only by Dr. B’s Chicken BARF, Combination (or ‘Combo’) is the second most popular flavor in Dr. B’s range of Genuine Aussie R.A.W. BARF for dogs. Combo is clearly a great all-round food for our dogs (yes – and cats!) as it contains a wide range of protein types (chicken, lamb, beef and pork). Combo is the ideal ‘Flavor’ to purchase where – for whatever reason – the desire or the requirement is that only one flavor is to be stocked or used. That is why Combo is the chosen flavor for our 1 Kg BARF Pouches – the ideal choice for carers with large dogs or lots of dogs, which includes people running breeding or boarding kennels. In common with all of Dr. B’s other BARF flavors, Dr B’s Combo BARF may be modified with the addition of various raw whole foods (such as vegetables, other protein & fat sources), together with appropriate supplements, to become a Program of Nutrition designed to deal with various disease states in companion animals. (For further information, see ‘Modifying Dr. B’s BARF for certain life stages and Diseases’.) Combination Recipe: Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, finely ground chicken bone, beef liver, whole egg, yogurt, Cabbage or Bok Choy, Celery, Spinach or Silver Beet, Carrot, ground C O M B O COMBO flax seed meal, dried alfalfa leaf powder, beef heart, unbleached beef tripe, whole apples, dried kelp powder, garlic, oranges, Salmon Frames. Typical Analysis: Moisture 68%, Protein 15% (47% DM basis), Lipids 13% (41% DM basis), Fiber 1% (3% DM basis), Salt less than 1% (less than 3% DM basis), Calcium 2.1% (DM basis), Phosphorus 1.6% (DM basis), Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio – 1:0.6. Kj/100 gm = 735; Kj/serve (227 gm) = 1670. Packaging: 2.72 kg pack - contains 12 individual 227 g patties FROZEN PET FOOD, THEREFORE NEEDS TO BE KEPT IN THE FREEZER UNTIL READY TO FEED - NOT TO BE FROZEN ONCE THAWED - NEEDS TO BE REFRIGERATED AFTER BEING THAWED! Minimum two day of advance needed before delivery or self collection. DELIVERY DAYS ARE WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS ONLY!!! LARGE ORDERS/BULK (MINIMUM ORDER $400) EXCLUSIVE DELIVERY DATES AVAILABLE!!

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Payment options: Bank transfer After order confirmation and receiving of the total order amount, we will contact you for delivery or self collection date and time.

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$8.00 for orders below $60.00 or self collect after payment is made by bank transfer to the following account: MAYBANK - COSMIC CATS - 04101070346 After the money is received, we will contact you for a delivery date and time. Minimum two day of advance needed before delivery. DELIVERY DAYS ARE WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS ONLY!!!