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Goodie Bag/ Loot Bag/ Party Bag We are wholesaler and retail shop in Singapore, the price definitely cheaper than other sellers as this is direct from the factory, and quality is guaranteed good. Material: Non-Woven Fabric Size: 35cm x 27cm Carousell allows only 4 Pictures to upload, therefore if you are interested in other designs/character that we don't have on the list please let us know, we might have. BS-850-193 (Minions Blue)
 BS-850-194 (Minions Yellow)
 BS-850-22 (Ben10)
 BS-850-191 (Minecraft) 
BS-850-15 (SpiderMan DBlue)
 BS-850-15 (SpiderMan Red)
 BS-850-43 (Hello Kitty Fairy)
 BS-850-41 (Hello Kitty Minnie)
 BS-850-42 (Hello Kitty Flower)
 BS-850-04 (Mickey Minnie Blue)
 BS-850-03 (Mickey Minnie Pink) BS-850-94 (Mickey Blue) BS-850-95 (Minnie Pink) BS-850-87 (Sofia 01) BS-850-89 (Sofia 02) BS-850-07 (Disney Princesses 01) BS-850-08 (Disney Princesses 02) BS-850-48 (Barbie) BS-850-189 (Peppa Pig Family)
 BS-850-190 (Peppa George) BS-850-198 (Monster High) BS-850-204 (My Little Pony)
 BS-850-96 (Toy Story 01)
 BS-850-97 (Toy Story 02) BS-850-123 (Frozen Blue)
 BS-850-123 (Frozen Pink)
 BS-850-132 (Frozen Elsa) BS-850-66 (Dora)
 BS-850-58 (Avengers)
 BS-850-157 (Transformer) 
BS-850-209 (Paw Patrol Blue)
 BS-850-211 (Paw Patrol Red)
 BS-850-218 (Angry Birds)
 BS-850-228 (Star Wars Cartoon) BS-850-208 (Star Wars Real)
 BS-850-228 (Star Wars Cartoon) BS-850-231 (Zootopia LBlue)
 BS-850-231 (Zootopia Red)
 BS-850-239 (Pokemon DBlue) BS-850-237 (Pokemon Yellow) BS-850-235 (Pokemon Green) BS-850-238 (Pokemon LBlue) BS-850-14 (Spongebob)
 BS-850-187 (Cars LBlue)
 BS-850-186 (Cars Red) -0
 BS-850-111 (Monsters University) -0 BS-850-241 (Ariel Little Mermaid)
 BS-850-162 (Tangled Rapunzel) -0 
BS-850-249 (PJ Masks) BS-850-246 (Moana Pink) 
BS-850-247 (Moana Blue)
 BS-850-250 (Trolls 01)
 BS-850-251 (Trolls 02)
 BS-850-250 (Trolls 01)
 BS-850-243 (Elena Avalor 01)
 BS-850-245 (Elena Avalor 02)
 BS-850-BSmurfs (Smurfs Blue)
 BS-850-RSmurfs (Smurfs Red) 
BS-850-Barney (Barney Green) -0 
BS-850-54 (Super Mario) -0 
BS-850-151 (Dragon Ball Z) -0
 BS-850-226 (The Good Dinosaur) -0
 BS-850-223 (Inside Out Pink) -0
 BS-850-224 (Inside Out Blue) -0 
BS-850-167 (Big Hero 6) -0
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