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“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms Lewinsky.” –Bill Clinton A seemingly harmless quote. Mr Clinton was trying to get his point across no doubt. But what are the factors that most people remember about this statement? Bill Clinton. Sexual relations. Ms Lewinsky. Almost all of us fall into the deadly trap of allowing poor communication skills to obscure our meanings, reduce our effectiveness and highlight our stupidity. According to author Bill McFarlan, most of us tend to talk in these negatives, which he terms ′pink elephants′. By drawing on personal and well–known examples, McFarlan provides a host of classic ‘pink elephants’ and the ways and means to avoid them. Bill McFarlan has been at the forefront of British media for over 25 years, starting with local newspaper reporting and ending up as a BBC and Sky Sports presenter. He has worked on many prestigious programmes, including Breakfast News with Jill Dando and Nicholas Witchell and The World′s Strongest Man. Since 1989 he has run one of Britain′s most successful media consultancy broadcasting business. ------ Paperback: 180 pages *Check out my store page for even more books! Everything from picture books,comics,sci fi and fantasy,self - help and instructional to thrillers,horror and romance!English and mandarin 华文!*

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