Genuine Dual USB port Solam car charger


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I've got a barely used solam double quick car charger for sale. Used less than 3 days only. Bought at $25 - check carousell for "solam" and you will see the price. Why pay more when you can get it almost new from me ? No scratches and it looks like new ! This is a quick car charger with a nice display Single USB PORT - input 12-24v / Output DC 3.1A 1) Displays the current voltage of car battery when not charging (useful to tell health of car batt) 2) Display the current detected while charging 3) Simple and elegant design I've upgraded to a 3 port due to multiple accessories in my ride thus letting this go for another driver to enjoy ! Super good deal, I’m clearing all my stuff! Item just tested and confirm working ! #carcharger #usb #solam #iphone #android #offer

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