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Encapsulation Technology Encases & Wrap All Foreignmatters Like Germs, Dirt & Chemicals From Makeup Such That It Does Not Get Transferred To Other Pores On The Skin. Regenerate Rejuvenate Revitalise 4 Active Ingredients: 1. Apple Stem Cells 2. Papaya Enzymes 3. Pineapple Enzymes 4. Bacillus Subtillus Make your skin look smooth, Young, Clean & whitening Effects. Duo R Cleanser (R3R Cleanser) There are many benefits that can come with the use of our Cell Refreshing skin care series such as the following: 1. Soothes skin – It frees our skin from irritation caused by bacteria and dirt. 2. Removes impurities on the skin – Dirt, oil, cosmetics, the environment and sunlight can cause impurities to be left on your skin. Duo R Cleanser effectively removes those impurities, leaving you with clean and clear skin. 3. Softens skin – Dry, hard skin causes our skin to look old and saggy, leading to wrinkles and allergy problems. Duo R Cleanser has excellent moisturising effects, leaving our face feeling supple and young. Applying makeup on softer skin is also easier and less harmful to our skin. Duo R Cleanser have this 8 benefit. 1. Whitening effects 2. Reduces black spot and blemishes 3. Reduces wrinkles 4. Reduces fine lines 5. Skin refining 6. Lifting effects 7. Remove and prevent black head 8. Remove makeup If you are Interested. Please pm me. Brand: R3R Type: Cleanser & Exfoliator

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