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E-Element X2000 (Z88 Upgrade Version) RGB Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with CIY Switches Available in Blue, Black, Brown and Red switches. Video review on lighting effect: (Note that the video keyboard is using brown switch) FREE 4 GIFTS - Free switch puller - Free keycap puller - Free 4 switches of your keyboard switches (If you get brown switch keyboard, get free 4 brown switches) - Free lifetime warranty on switches and led What is CIY switches? Change-it-yourself or CIY switches is a new technology that allows users to change the keyboard switches themselves by just plucking out the existing switches. What's the benefit? Got bored of blue switch? Change it to other colors! Or mix the colors as you want and change it as you like. Switches can be bought from us as well. Warranty We provide lifetime warranty on switches and led of mechanical keyboards that we sell.

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