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*READY STOCKS in Singapore!!! Don't need to wait for weeks from oversea. *CASH Payment, PayNow or DBSpaylah! Accepted. *This item is qualifying to "UP TO 20% OFF promotion". *Simply add other qualifying items to your total bill to enjoy the promotion. Total bill discount: >$25 - - 5% off. >$50 - - 10% off. >$75 - - 15% off. >$100 - - 20% off. Description: *V6 has the following advantages over V5: 1.)To reduce the heat sink length, thickness and diameter (shorter length is conducive to the stability of increasing the heat end), while increasing the number of fins, the heat end reduce weight at the same time, has better heat dissipation performance and stability. 2.)External rotation gas heavy joint for a built-in pipe clamp, further reduce weight and reduce the hot end length, also make the feeding tube more deeply into the hot end, feeding more powerful (pneumatic connector can only be inserted a small tube into the feeding, easy to cause the feed is not smooth and other issues). 3.)Improving the original heating block, appearance is more concise and practical, heating tube, a thermistor and aluminum block contact more fully, and thus more precise temperature control outstanding. *For 1.75mm filament. *All the specification below can mix & match: Heater catridge: 12V40W or 24V40W Extruder Cooling Fan: 12V or 24V Heatbreak tube: All metal or PTFE inserted Nozzle: 0.3, 0.4, or 0.5 mm Package Includes: 1 x E3D V6 Hotend for Bowden Setup 1 x Cooling fan 1 x Fan housing 1 x PTFE tube for 1.75 filament 1 x PTFE tube connector *DELIVERY within Singapore for only S$10. *SELF COLLECTION available at Punggol only. Like what you see? Check out my other listings for various 3D printing related items. Terms & Conditions: 1. Up to 20% off in applicable to one total bill. 2. Some items are not eligible to this promotion, so please check the description in individual item listing. 3. Difu3D reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. #Reprap #Delta #Kossel #Rostock #Prusa i3 #Cartesian #Corexy #Hbot #PLA #ABS #Wood #PETG #3D #Printer #Extruder #Hotend #Nozzle #Ceramic #Heater #Catridge #NTC # Thermistor #E3D #V6 #Fan #Housing #Teflon #Tube #Connector #Heatbreak #Block

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Delivery within Singapore for only S$10.