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Educational Interactive Children Chinese Book! Children will love to learn about Chinese through the touch screen pages that have audio and are interactive! A total of 20 pages. Comes in Hard Cover. Every Page comprise of colourful pictures, wordings and touch screen audio. Children can learn Mandarin through 16 different topics / 120 objects that comes with Audio =>> (1) Stories / 故事 (2) Hanyu Pinyin / 汉语拼音 (3) Children's Folk Rhymes / 童谣 (4) Children's Songs / 儿歌 (5) Peoms / 唐诗 (6) Learning of Manners / 学礼仪 (7) English Alphabets / 英文字母 (8) Learning to Respond in Different Scenarios / 情景对话 (9) Numbers, Addition and Subtraction / 简单数字 (10) Words of Wisdom / 弟子规 (11) Three Character Classics / 三字经 (12) Names of Fruits / 常见水果 (13) Riddles / 迷语 (14) Animals / 动物乐园 (15) Hand Shadow Play / 手影游戏 (16) Vehicles / 交通工具 Operated by 3 AAA batteries. Price $20 includes 3 AAA Batteries. Stir the interest in Chinese through this book in your kids! Have Fun!

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Eunos MRT Station (EW7), Singapore

Or any MRT Stations along East West line near to Eunos MRT or any MRT Stations along Circle line near to Macpherson MRT. Cash Payment Only upon delivery