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Electric 8 Inch Impulse Sealer PFS-200 8" 20cm 200mm Plastic Poly PE PP Packing Bag Heating Impulse Sealer Machine


8 months ago by swan_gent








8 Inch Impulse Sealer PFS-200 8" 20cm 200mm Plastic Poly PE PP Packing Bag Electric Impulse Sealer Looking for professional packaging machine to preserve your prize collectibles, cookies, consumable or merchandise? Set A0: 8" sealer 2mm width w/o spare kit - $25 Set A1: 8" sealer 2mm width w 1 spare kit - $28 Set A2: 8" sealer 2mm width w 2 spare kit - $30 Set B0: 8" sealer 5mm width w/o spare kit - $35 Set B1: 8" sealer 5mm width w 1 spare kit - $40 Set B2: 8" sealer 5mm width w 2 spare kit - $45 Note: spare kit consist of heating rod and non-stick Teflon strip which needs to be replaced in future due to wear and tear. Fast Heating Power-Saving Impulse Sealer Machine; no warm-up required Hand operated airtight sealing impulse sealers are ideal for sealing PE, PP bags, plastic bags used to package, food products, small machine parts, cookies, goodies, coffee beans and all manner of other packaging items eg sealing collections such as stamps, bank notes, etc Description:- Condition: 100% Brand new in box Sealing Length: 8" 20cm Sealing Width: 2mm | 5mm For PE/PP bags/ bubble wrap, foam sheet etc Impulse sealing is designed with power saving capability Precision electric control circuit Adjustable Temperature Knob for various sealing or cutting needs Note: If you do not know which type is best suited your packaging needs, show us your packaging material and we will advise you accordingly. We will ensure that you get the right item for the 1st time without having to waste your additional purchase for an upgrade. Usage Demo: Note: sealer with 5mm sealing seam is hard to come by. Collection/Delivery: - Blk 754 Yishun St 72, - Yishun MRT stn For more interesting stuff at bargains, check out my listings 👉

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