Electronic Drum / Acoustic Drum Installation Services


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Having difficulties looking through user manual to assemble your newly bought electronic drums or acoustic drums? Most self assembly takes an average of 3-4 hours without good results. Why not spend quality time with your family instead? - Providing door to door service to setup electronic drums or acoustic drums - Electronic Drum Setup - Acoustic Drum Setup - Acoustic Drum Tuning - Redo setup, wiring, configuration - Assessment of 2nd hand drums - Other Drum Services - Provide service to purchase and install (Price varies depending on parts) - Emergency service for those having issues of fixing up themselves and troubleshooting issues - Able to come on short notice - Kindly PM to enquire 😊 Tags: Yamaha, Roland, alesis, dtx, vdrums, dtx, td-1kpx, td-15k, td-12, dtx400k, dtx430k, dtx450k, dtx700k, dtx720k, dtx760k, dtx400, dtx500, dtx502, dtx522k, dtx562k, dtx532k, dtx542k, dtx582k, dtx920k, dtx900, dtx750, mapex, dw, ludwig, tama, gretsch, sonor, gibraltar, Vic firth, pro mark, zildjian, sabian, meinl, alesis, dm10, dm10x, nitro, crimson, mesh, td-4kp, td-30k, td-30kv, td-25kv, td-50kv, td-50k, td-11kv, td-11k, td-9, td-4kp, td-1kv, hd-3, kat, kt1, kt2, kt3, kt4, sakae, pdp, trx, evans, remo, drumsticks, drumkey,

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