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Compatible for Toyota Harrier only. Dekitting my 1 week old TBS + Rings (still in very good/new condition, all packaging still intact). Letting go at $400 w/o installation. With the Elford TBS and Response Ring, pick up is much enjoyable and as the name states for itself. It creates Response! Response for Low rpm which by nature of our car isn't that great in stock condition. However, at high rpm the combo doesn't give the kick but with the installation of the Assist Ring. It completes the whole quotation. Yet again the name states it's function for itself. It basically Assist the response rate with the TBS. Now at high rpm the car is effortlessly able to set in the kick at 2,500 rpm when drag, it's able to hit 4,000 rpm much faster yet effortlessly. If u are looking for a simple modification yet cost effective but not too demanding on ur pocket. Then I Guess the choice is here. And yes most improbably, the trust of a reliable brand with backed history of R&D data spec. Siecle Response Ring: Siecle Assist Ring:

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